We offer a wide variety of finishing and restoration products to other restoration companies and to the general public. We even use these products in our own workshop.

Note we do not sell these products via phone or internet orders. We do not ship these products. All products must be purchased in-store. Please contact us to check for availability.

Howard Products, Inc.

​Restor-A-Finish (All Colors) 16 FL. OZ.

$9.79 each

Feed-N_Wax Wood Polish & Conditioner 16 FL. OZ.

$8.29 each

Orange Oil Wood Polish 16 FL. OZ.

$9.29 each

Lemon Oil Wood Polish 16 FL. OZ.

$9.29 each

Butcher Block Conditioner 12 FL. OZ.

$8.49 each

Cutting Board Oil 12 FL. OZ.

$6.69 each

SunShield Wood Conditioner 16 FL. OZ.

$8.79 each

Pine-Ola Silver Polish 16 FL. OZ.

$8.39 each

Pine-Ola Copper & Brass Polish 16 FL. OZ.

$8.39 each

Clean-A-Finish 16 FL. OZ.

$4.25 each

Leather Conditioner 8 FL. OZ.

$6.99 each

Leather Cleaner 16 FL. OZ.

$6.99 each

Mohawk Finishing Products

​Ultra Classic Toner (M100 Series)

$8.99 each

Tone Finish Toners (M101 Series)

$8.99 each

Clears (M102 Series)

$8.99 each

Specialty (M103 Series)

$8.99 each - $14.99 each

Cleaners (M107 Series)

$8.99 each - $9.99 each

Colored Lacquer Enamel (M104 Series)

$8.99 each

Polishes (M107 & M860 Series)

$8.99 each - $9.99 each

Sanding Sealers (M102 Series)

$8.99 each

Lacquer & Sealer by the gallon

$39.94 each

Fil-Stick Putty Sticks Standard Colors (M230 Series)

$2.74 each

Fil-Stick Putty Sticks Trend Colors (M231 Series)

$2.74 each

Epoxy Putty Sticks Standard Colors (M743 Series)

$9.99 each

Wood Repair (M740 Series)

$12.99 each

Instant Adhesive Activator (M745 Series)

$18.99 each

Spray Adhesive (M103 Series)

$8.99 each

Industrial Grade Instant Adhesive Glue (M745 Series)

$13.50 each

Pro Mark Markers (M267 Series)

$6.44 each


Briwax Original Formula (All Colors) 16 FL. OZ.

$18.95 each

Klingspor Abrasives

Various Grit of Sandpapers

$.99 each - $1.39 each

Sanding Foam Pads

$1.94 each or 10-Pack for $17.99

Safety Dust Masks

$.99 each


Signature One-Step Respirator Masks

$29.99 each

Other Products

  • Paint Thinner/ Furniture Stripper by the 5-gallons

  • Safety Equipment For Stripping Furniture

  • Masking Tape

  • Painters Tape

  • SafeGlides

  • Danish Oil

  • Brushes

  • Cleaners and Polishes

Kwick Kleen Finishing products

Fast Drying Exterior Polyurethane 1 Gallon

Gloss or Satin

$89.99 each


Repair - Refurbish - Refinish - Restore

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