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Furniture Restoration Services

The following are descriptions of some of the in-shop services we offer.

Furniture Stripping
Above: A painted bed frame is being stripped in the Flo-Over system. The chemical is washed over the furniture protecting it from over exposure.
Above: A painted drawer is stripped down to the raw wood. The wood beneath the painted finish reveals beautiful grain and inlays.

Stripping furniture is when the old finish (painted, lacquered, waxed, enameled, etc.) is removed. Every type of finish requires a different amount of effort and chemicals.


Flo's Attic uses an industrial strength finish and paint remover through a Flo-Over system. The Flo-Over system is not dipping. Instead the furniture is placed in a large steel collection tray, where the pneumatically pumped finish remover is washed over the furniture via a nylon hose and brush.


The used finish remover is run through a solids separator and the waste collected by Environmental Marketing Services for proper disposal following EPA regulations.

Stripping is usually the first step to complete refinishing or restoration.

Furniture Repairs

"Repairs" can be an umbrella term. Technically, refinishing could count as repairs. At Flo's Attic "repairs" means the following: glue-up, replace missing piece of wood, fill-in gouge or dent, replace moulding, replace veneer, and such.

When you lean on your mother's dining room chair and a leg breaks, you bring it to Flo's Attic for repairs. When the dog chews a chair leg, or the cat scratches the side of the dresser, you bring it to Flo's Attic for repairs. When a spindle on the kitchen chair is missing, you bring it to Flo's Attic for repairs.

Repairs can also involve breaking an item more in order to properly repair it. For example, a loose & wobbly chair must be broken down to the individual pieces so it can be re-doweled, and re-glued to be structurally sound like the day it was originally made (from individual pieces).

Another component of repairs include touch-up. The area being worked on may need to have color and finish reapplied to blend in where the repair was made.

Above: the mouldings of this bakers rack must be stripped, then reglued/repaired back on.
Above: The mouldings were stripped and have been reattached by gluing and clamping. The mouldings will remain clamped down until the glue cures after 24 hours.
Furniture Prep & Finishing

Prep is when minor fill and sanding is done to prepare the wood for stain and lacquer, or paint, or whatever finish is preferred. Prep is also when sanding in between coats of finish.

Finishing is when stain is hand wiped onto the wood to achieve the desired color, then sprayed finish is applied whether it is lacquer, paint, polyurethane or another type of finish. Some finishes like on period pieces are hand rubbed.

Color and finish can be open pored or closed pored. Open pored is more grainy which can be great for oak pieces. Closed pored is very smooth and ideal for table tops.

Color usually has to be in the color range of the wood if the finish is stained underneath. It may be possible to make a red mahogany table a golden oak color, but will require bleaching the wood first.

Color and finishes can be custom as well, provided a sample is present to match.

Above: The table is being sanded in preparation of finishing.
Above: A table base in the spray booth.
Pickup & Delivery

Flo's Attic can pickup and deliver furniture for repairs/restorations if you are unable to bring them to the Flo's Attic workshop. Flo's also offers delivery service for purchased furniture from the showroom.

Above: Pickup & Delivery Vehicle
Insurance Claims

Flo's Attic works directly with insurance claims adjusters in handling furniture repair and/or restoration estimates, pickups, actual repairs and/or restorations, delivery, and/or storage arrangements.

Furniture damages involving water, fire, smoke, moving, vandalism, and more are our specialty. Please visit the "Contact Us" page of this website if you are an insurance adjuster that would like to inquire about our services.

Above: Fire damaged clock case.
DIY & Professional Products
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